Mobile HQ Hiring

Our founding team is spread along the Eastern Seaboard. We love physically working together. Especially in Brooklyn! But it's not a requirement.

Flexbility in time and space is hugely valuable. We want to work with great people, wherever you are.

PS: We're also hiring Pros.

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    Web + Native Dev

    We're full stack engineers. We run Ruby on Rails 7 + Hotwired + Tailwind CSS and build native iOS/Android apps via Strada.

    We have a paid technical interview..

    Remember when one or two developers could build an entire thing? You could range from the database to the UI and ship a big feature? Yeah, that's how we work. Teams build entire features with focus and quality. Not sprints through a never-ending roadmap.

    If this describes and excites you, let's meet! Introduce yourself by emailing Dan at

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    Full stack. UI/UX. Visual. Copy.

    Collaborative, hard working, smart, humble.

    This is a startup, so you'll be involved in everything from software design to social posts to mousepads t-shirts. It's all connected. When it comes together just right, the result is a beautiful product for customers and a great place for us to work.

    Don't you agree? We'd love to meet you: