Daniel Parrott Owner's Rep/Consultant

Verified Pro since Jan 2022

Hello my name is Daniel or Dan. Danny if you been around long enough. 
Since the day I could drive, I have been self-employed providing a good life for me and my family.
Life experience and acquaintances encountered along the way have prepared me to assist you with the challenges you are facing. Known as reliable, knowledgeable and a good listener, I am creative enough to think out of the box with the skills and ability to do those jobs others my shy away from.
No matter what you have before you, I can guide you, coach you or keep an eye out for you if something feels fishy, not quite right. I am here to help. Together the possibilities are endless...
I have experience constructing and remodeling properties with frost-free footings that support a snow-load structure as well as hurricane resistant residential and commercial buildings that are built on slab foundations just above sea-level. During the construction process I have obtained extensive knowledge in;
*Concept and design
*Blueprint reading
*Concrete-walls, tiebeams, countertops, stairs, stamping and staining
*Light plumbing and electrical
*Light heating and cooling
*All types of siding materials
*Hardwood/tile/vinyl plank flooring
*Trim carpentry
*Painting/wood staining
And most importantly, the asphalt/tile/steel or aluminum roofing that protects everything listed above.
Together, my 26 years of on-site manual labor and your willingness to give it a shot, will make a great team. We can manage any project pre through post construction. I look forward to helping you say "I did that".
Thanks in advance for the opportunity.

Daniel Parrott

Owner's Rep/Consultant

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