Gerald Kadow Master Plumber

Verified Pro since Jan 2022

My name is Gerald Kadow.
I am a semi-retired licensed Master Plumber from Wisconsin.
I am the third generation of a plumbing business that started in 1927 and is still providing quality services today.  
Starting out as a young boy and throughout the years, I was fortunate to be able to learn the trade from two great teachers, my grandfather and father.  After getting a bachelors degree in business management I went on to obtain my master plumbing license. 
I have 35+ years of experience in providing services for new residential construction, kitchen/bathroom remodeling, general plumbing repairs and replacement.  Can also assist in design and questions, or clarifications on any type of plumbing inquiry,  bids and proposals.  
Book an appointment today and let me help guide you through all your plumbing needs and questions.  

Gerald Kadow

Master Plumber

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