Joey Myers Life Long Plumber (Master)

Verified Pro since Sep 2021

My name is Joey Myers, owner of J Myers Plumbing located on the MS Gulf Coast. It seems like I have been a plumber my whole life!  I grew up in the house of the best plumber I have ever known, my dad.  I started working with him when I was just a young boy learning the ends and outs of the trade.  After high school I decided to make plumbing my career also, that was 22 years ago and I still enjoy what I do today!  

I am a licensed Master Plumber in multiple states, and have seen a little bit of everything in my career.  From million dollar homes and large scale commercial projects, to bathroom and kitchen remodels, or just stopping that incessant leaky faucet or running toilet, I've done it all!  

If you need help with doing a repair or replacement yourself, I can walk you through step-by-step.   If you want a second opinion about what another plumber or home inspector told you, I can help.  If you're thinking about renovating and you're just curious of what the plumbing should cost or if it's even possible to do the project in an existing space, I can do that too! 

With over 22 years experience in the plumbing trade, you can trust that I will be able to help with whatever your plumbing needs may be.  Don't hesitate to book an appointment with me...together we can get the job done! 

Joey Myers

Life Long Plumber (Master)

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