Jake S. Journeyman Plumber

Verified Pro since Jul 2021

Hey there! My name is Jake and I have been in the plumbing industry approximately 12 years. I did 7+ years of service work, about 3 years in construction and now in a plumbing supply warehouse for over a year. I work at the parts counter where I help homeowners and contractors. While aprenticing as a plumber I attended PHCC of of California and became a state certified Journeymanm 
I've always enjoyed teaching others whether it be an apprentice or a homeowner. I specialize in diagnosing, repairing and identifying fixtures such as showers, faucets and toilets. I can also assist with other plumbing repairs and projects. My strength is in service work. If you need help with a fixture or plumbing repair, I'm your man. I look forward to helping you!

Jake S.

Journeyman Plumber

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