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Whether you're hoping to learn how to repair, upgrade, redecorate, or improve your home, the Fixable network of Pros can help. Get advice from a real expert right on your phone, using Fixable.

Text and Video
Upload a pic. Chat about the job. Or hop on video chat and show us that rubbery thing that connects the two shiny pipes and kinda looks broken?
Trusted Advice
Every fix is different. Every job is unique. Our Pro's are experienced. You'll be matched with a Pro who will help you understand your exact situation.
On Your Schedule
Whether you're a weekend warrior or you're dedicating days to a bigger project, it's important to be prepared. You can book time with your Pro up to a month in advance.
Questions during the Job?
If you have questions while you work, you can reconnect with the same pro who already understands your job.

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Maybe you're retired. Or keeping flexible hours to spend more time with your family. It's a great time to become a Fixable Pro, join a community of likeminded Pros, and earn on your terms.

Earn from home

Fixable puts you on the job site virtually, allowing you to make money without leaving home.

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Use our tools to schedule the times you're available. There's no minimum (or maximum).

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Your experiences and knowledge are valuable assets to share with the next generation.

The water goes through with no leaks during my test runs. You are the best coach! Thank you so much!

Shenel L.

NYC Educator

(She's a real user, but didn't want us to use her photo. So we found this great one on Unsplash.)

Ready to help you with anything

Fixable Pros are always happy to help. And we cover it all: interior home, windows, doors, outdoor living, electrical, plumbing, appliances, heating & cooling, leaks, bugs, pools... help with a project you found on the internet... just about anything you can think of.

We meet you where you are

Don't lose half your weekend driving back and forth to the hardware store. Whether it's a new direction for your project, a followup question for your Pro, or you need additional materials, Fixable helps you keep up your momentum.

Chat with your Pro from any phone, tablet or computer. Get materials delivered the same day. You can even jump on a video call without downloading anything.

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1-on-1 Home Improvement Advice

Roll up your sleeves with a Pro (virtually) by your side.

How it works

  1. Meet a Pro who understands your specific job
  2. Book a session
  3. Text and video chat with your Pro
  4. Admire your job well done! 🥳

Why Fixable

  • Verified Pros with deep experience

  • Specific advice, not generic videos

  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

  • No ads

First Session

$1 USD

Free to meet a Pro you like.
No credit card needed.

Questions? Answers:

Do I always talk to the same Pro?
When they have the expertise, yes! Your Pro gets to know you, and is often the best person to talk to. But you can always find a new Pro, or one with more experience for your current job.
How long is a session?
A session with your Pro sets you up to get your job done. They typically last 15-30 minutes, but your takeaways last a lifetime.
What if I have a quick question?
Followup questions are no problem. Once you have a regular Pro, just send them a text! If the two of you uncover something bigger, you can always book a session for later.
My first session is just $1?
Yes! Your first session is just a buck. This should give you a chance to try out Fixable whenever it's best for you.
Is there a recurring charge?
Money back guarantee?
Absolutely. 100%.

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